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What's in the report?

The question we'd all like answered: how do we align front-end and back-end revenue cycle functions?

We know one without the other fails.

Patients may have a positive clinical outcome and recommend a facility, but if they were hit with a bill that was unexpected or higher than expected when they get home, that will put a negative perception on the entire experience—regardless of outcome. 

That's why we partnered with HFMA to bring you this research report.

HFMA interviewed its members for insights into how healthcare systems have successfully added pre-pay and point-of-service collections into their business model. 

This guide will analyze:

☑️ Policies and procedures around up-front payments

☑️ Multifaceted staff training

☑️ Timely financial counseling

☑️ Varied payment options 

☑️ Maintaining patient satisfaction

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